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Embassies of Afghanistan In Tajikistan

Afghani Consulate in Kharoug, Tajikistan

  Address   Consulate General of Afghanistan in Kharogh Badakhshan, Kharoug, Khyaban Kermshayef 17
  City   Kharoug
  Phone1   +99-23-522-0249
  Fax   (+99-23) 525-10

Embassy of Afghanistan in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

  Address   Embassy of Afghanistan in Dushanbe Ul. Pushkina, House 34 Dushanbe
  City   Dushanbe
  Phone1   (+992-372) 21 6
  Fax   (+992-372) 510
  Email   afghanemintj@yahoo.com

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