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Embassies of Afghanistan In Saudi Arabia

Afghani Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  Address   Embassy of Afghanistan in Riyadh P.O.Box 93337 Riyadh 11673
  City   Riyadh
  Phone1   (+966-1) 4803 4
  Fax   (+966-1) 4803 4
  Email   afgembriyad@hotmail.com

Consulate General of Afghanistan in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  Address   Consulate General of Afghanistan in Jeddah P.O. Box 6349 Tariq Al-Madina Kilo No. 3 Jeddah 21442
  City   Jeddah
  Phone1   +96-62-663-3346
  Fax   +96-62-6631-578
  Email   khalil_e@hotmail.com

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